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4 Tips for Surviving and Thriving as a Single Parent

Tips for Single Parenting

Single parenting might be the greatest challenge you've had to face yet. These practical tips for newly single parents will help you persevere through the challenges you face and gain a renewed sense of hope and strength for the journey ahead.

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Find Support

This is crucial. You need to know who you can depend on right now. Most likely, this network includes your immediate family and friends, but think about other people in your life who might also help you. Making an actual list of who these people are can help remind you that you're not alone. Also, consider joining a formal support group for single parents in your area.

Create a Routine

Children thrive on a healthy and expected routine. Children are incredibly perceptive to change, and too much change within a short time frame can take away their motivation, sense of security, and openness. The best way to combat a significant life change (like a recent divorce) is to establish or re-establish a routine in your child's life. Encourage your children to continue in their extracurricular activities if they have them. Establish new habits where old ones need to be replaced. Once these scheduled activities are in motion, your child will once again feel safe and secure.

Schedule Time to Be Alone

Giving yourself "me time" is an incredibly powerful single parenting tip. It will bring you healing, hope, and perspective. A time when you're not accountable for completing a task or responding to questions. Time to sit, to think, to ponder.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Of all of the single parenting tips listed here, this one is probably the most difficult to apply. However, you must know that there are people around you who would love to help! Keep in mind, too, that asking for help and letting others into your life is a gift to yourself and the person assisting you. Sharing in one another's lives during difficult times affirms our human connection and brings a sense of purpose to everyday living. We hope this blog can provide guidance on how to care for yourself and your family.

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